Avoid Zen Anchor Job Application Scams

Zen Anchor

by Gary Spagnoli | December 4, 2023

Avoid Zen Anchor Job Application Scams

We were recently informed that there is a scam organization using our brand name to attempt to get job applicants – if you are seeking a job at Zen Anchor ⚓ the only websites we accept applicants from are via LinkedIn, Wellfound, or our official website, https://www.ZenAnchor.com –

Please avoid applying via any other platform or website.

They have been reported to the FTC and the FBI.

We would never ask for “payment” from our candidates or existing employees. If the communication is not directly from an @ZenAnchor.com email address, please know that they are NOT affiliated with us in any way.

Thanks, stay safe, and happy sailing out there ⛵⚓️

Below are photos of the organization that is attempting to phish as Zen Anchor –
if you receive a message from them, please do not reply and consider reporting this individual –

zen anchor job scam 1 zen anchor whatsapp scam 2 zen anchor whats app job scam zen anchor whatsapp