Mark Anthony Tamayao

Digital Analytics Specialist

I am a Xoogler and a former web developer who discovered my true passion for Analytics along my professional journey. With a natural inclination for problem-solving, I dedicated five years to refining my web development skills before immersing myself in the world of Google Analytics in 2010. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with renowned companies that have greatly contributed to my growth in the field of Analytics.

When I step away from my desk, my priority shifts to being a hands-on dad, ensuring I carve out quality time for my family. Whether I’m assisting my wife with household chores or engaging in playful moments with my kids, family remains at the forefront. In my downtime, I indulge in watching TV series and movies for relaxation. Additionally, I have a penchant for DIY projects, even though they often result in more of a “destroy-it-yourself” outcome. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that experiencing failures is an integral part of growth and improvement.