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Because your business deserves a digital marketing agency that cares

Back in 2015, Zen Anchor set off on a journey to redesign how ad digital marketing agencies helped businesses grow. The seeds of our global perspective were planted with the knowledge that marketers had a responsibility to do much better.

Zen Anchor began as a murmur on Reddit. Eager to see if other businesses had similar frustrations with bloated, high-budget agencies whose efforts returned minimal results, we set off to find answers. Our questions led us to clients who shared our sentiment—that most marketing endeavors were without results, impact, and soul.

Disaffection was abundant. Costs were high. Outcomes left a lot to be desired.

There was a clear disconnect. Many large agencies had lost sight of their primary focus and grew apart from the companies they were supposed to represent. Meanwhile, their clients became complacent as they began to mistake lackluster results for the norm.

So, we gathered together a few like-minded pioneers who believed these companies deserved better and started Zen Anchor. Our mission was simple: bring better value to businesses for their budget.

We found our first few clients on Reddit, working pro-bono to break down barriers and show the value we could offer. Many of our original clients had been burned by unfulfilled promises as their wasted budgets returned minimal results. These were our first big wins. And what we learned in those initial months guided us as we began to grow rapidly.

By 2015, our company had partnered with a strategic management consultancy as their premier digital marketing partner. We went from managing small business accounts with $1k monthly budgets to overseeing $500k monthly budgets while working with digital teams such as AARP, Guardian Insurance, and Avis Car Rental.

As we continue to grow, we’re looking to work with more enterprises to maximize their budgets and finally see the high returns our clients deserve.

Let us be your anchor as we continue to redefine the remote-based digital marketing experience for companies around the world.

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Meet The Team

Gary Spagnoli

Founder / CEO

A technical online marketer, web developer and entrepreneur. Gary has been providing strategy, account management, automated ad scripts and analytics support for companies for over 10 years.  He's deployed and ran multiple online businesses over the years.

When he's not writing Google Ad scripts to scale accounts, he's either playing hockey, performing Second City improv or reading another book off of his Goodreads list.

Bori Bernát

SEO Manager

Bori has helped various companies and websites as a copywriter and content marketer. Her focus is writing blogs, web copy, and social media posts that engage and convert.

Aside from writing, Bori enjoys watching and making films. You can probably find her on her day off at the movie theater.

Iryna Chumachenko

Analytics Manager

Iryna has been working in Digital Marketing for just over 7 years. As soon as she started her career she understood that making decisions is impossible without data.

She has worked with more than 200 different clients on Analytics.

A few years ago she changed her lifestyle and moved to France. During her free time, she studies languages, walks in the mountains, and discovers new places. 

Isaac Townsend

Account Manager

Isaac found his way to Zen Anchor via technology freelancing after spending nearly 10 years as a mechanical engineer. He has nearly a decade of project management and business development experience in Chicago

When not growing  Zen Anchor, he can be found hacking, backpacking, rock climbing, running, biking, open water swimming, and eventually collapsed somewhere from.

Yie Ng

UX Designer

Yie has worked with a broad range of startups and global companies for 10+ years. She started as an information analyst and then found a passion for design. Yie is competent in all facets of UX design and skilled in making the complex simple.

She has been shaped by multiple cultural influences and is now stepping out of her comfort zone. She traded the city life to live out in the mountain west. Being out in the wild is where she loves to be when she's not pushing pixels.

kyle williams

Email Marketing Lead

For over 6 years, Kyle has managed the email marketing programs for a wide-variety of B2C and B2B global brands, companies, and start-ups. He specializes in all aspects of email production including strategy, design, coding, and overall account management.

When not filling email inboxes across the world, Kyle is telling his own stories as a movie-goer, reader, hiker, and collector of early sideshow memorabilia.

Laura dietl Giordano

Project Manager

Laura has a diverse professional background in project management, operations management, marketing, team leadership and business development.  Laura came to Zen Anchor with a passion for making things run smoothly and improving processes. 

When she’s not scrolling through NY Times recipes, Laura enjoys long walks with her dog, spending time with family, practicing yoga, cooking, and hanging at the beach. She is the proud mom of one daughter (now in college)!

maria leonora daylo

PPC Specialist

For over 5 years, Maria has managed digital campaigns for brands across the globe. She loves growth and she enjoys analyzing data and optimizing campaigns.

Aside from marketing, Maria
 enjoys baking, playing music and hiking. She also has a hedgehog pet that she adores so much.

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Lead Designer

An accomplished Graphic, Editorial & Presentation Designer, Vinith has over 14 years of experience creating tailored visual communications. He has an uncompromising commitment to quality and to preserving client confidence.

Aside from his passion for design, Vinith enjoys traveling with his family.

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