In November of 2021, the Zen Anchor Digital team had our first ever in-person company meeting. During that meeting, we spent our first day discussing and debating over what the key values of our organization are, and what our ultimate mission is.

This is not a living document, but it is subject to change. Below is a snapshot of what we came up with for our 2022 Zen Anchor values + mission. We will be abiding by this for all of 2022 but this may be revised, optimized, and simplified as our agency continues to grow.

Founder /CEO

Zen Anchor Values:

  1. Remote By Design: We understand that freedom empowers creativity and travel inspires, so our team consists of remote workers who imbue their work with their collective adventures.
  2. Freedom Through Structure and Frameworks: We actively work to streamline our processes, giving us more time to think strategically, build competitive strategies, and get the home runs.
  3. Mutually Assured Respect: We lean on our client’s industry knowledge and ask that they do the same. By pooling our intellectual resources, we bring stronger results that last.
  4. Empathic of the Struggle: We understand our clients’ needs, struggles, and frustrations and work proactively to reduce the anxiety around marketing.
  5. Marketers with Integrity: We have to believe in our clients and we do what we can to help grow their business.


Zen Anchor Mission Statement (Today):

We build lean, effective marketing campaigns for small and mid-sized companies that make them just as competitive as their enterprise counterparts.


Zen Anchor Vision Statement (Tomorrow):

To build a smarter, more efficient way of delivering lasting results with PPC and SEO that blow up our clients’ brand on the internet and build a line of customers waiting outside their “front door”.  And to automate the hell out of the processes that slow us down so we have more time to think strategically and set clients up for the home runs that will define their business on the digital landscape.


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